AMRITSAR (299x246 cm)

$3,150.00 $3,500.00

Quantity available: 1

  • SKU: TGE/LH-3519
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • ProductionHand Knotted
  • Type: Classic City Rugs
  • Material: Wool pile hand knotted on cotton base
  • Size: 299x246 cm


Free Insured Door Delivery Worldwide: Approximately 30 days subject to customs clearance in the port of disembarkation.

Taxes and Duties: Applicable for international buyers (excluding buyers in Vietnam).

Classic floral medallion elegance. Some hand-knotted rugs are beyond the reach of words as seen in this magnificent floral medallion rug.

Nevertheless, upon closer examination, one can feel the rhythm of the skilled artisans from the cottages and workshops of Pakistan in this melting pot of Orientalism. 

SAVANA (300x200 cm) - 10%

SAVANA (300x200 cm)

$1,530.00  $1,700.00
AURORA (300x240 cm) - 10%

AURORA (300x240 cm)

$5,760.00  $6,400.00
Free Verse by Kavi (300x240 cm) - 10%

Free Verse by Kavi (300x240 cm)

$10,692.00  $11,880.00
SAVANA (300x240 cm) - 10%

SAVANA (300x240 cm)

$1,908.00  $2,120.00
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CALIEDO (270x180 cm)

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GENESIS (300x240 cm) - 20%

GENESIS (300x240 cm)

$684.00  $855.00
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