We personalize refinement and elegance in area rugs. Check out our “Creative Corner” segment.

At The Gallery Exclusive, we aim to expand and go beyond the realm of possibilities in creating unique and practical rug designs for the personalized market segment. With over 15 years’ experience in working with discerning homeowners, hotel and resorts, serviced residences and corporate offices, our collaboration with Interior Design and Architectural specialists have re-defined the repertoire of bespoke rugs. We design, manufacture and craft modern, transitional and traditional rugs that are a testament to exemplary carpet craftsmanship. It is our belief that hand knotted and hand -tufted carpets lend an air of luxury to your space. A great alternative is hand-tufted carpets for spaces where budgets are a constraint.

As with customising an existing design, it will take some time to weave your bespoke rug, but your patience will be rewarded on the delivery of a completely unique piece, interpreted from your imaginings. The process of creating a new rug with a repertoire of designs begins with selecting the right colours. There are many nuances of technique and materials to explore, as well as a dazzling range of colours at your disposal. Whatever you have in mind, we have the expertise and experience to help you realise your dream rug.

With our wide variety of modern, abstract, floral and geometric rug designs, we truly believe we have something for every home. We only use the finest quality of textures and yarns to manufacture our premium carpets. Our collaboration with experts in the industry, enable us to produce rugs that are stellar in design and can be considered works of art.

Project: Royal Residence and Club Suites at The Intercontinental Sun Peninsula, Danang


Some of our work in the high-end hospitality/resorts and residential segment reflect our creative endeavour to push the boundaries of design, while adopting and adapting timeless methods and techniques. We put in a considerable amount of time when it comes to creating designs, from inception to completion, only to produce luxury rugs that speak volumes about both the craftsman and the end user.

Our extensive catalogue of rugs provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for customers wanting to flex their creative minds. We can adapt any design to suit your particular requirement, with a myriad of possibilities. Over the past decade, we have seen our custom-made carpets being procured for prestigious properties, projects and luxurious developments in Vietnam, Malaysia. Hong Kong and The Maldives. The cornerstone of our working philosophy is to be able to create designs that are trendy, modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, but most of all, they remain timeless. For more information on our project references, we invite you to view them here.


Creative corner for architects and interior designers

As design professionals, we understand the detailing aspects involved with your work. With our Creator’s Corner, we’ve built a team along with an array of tools and professional services to help you select, purchase and place the perfect rug or fitted carpeting for your next project. Just like you are expected to do the best for your clients, we’re here, ready to deliver the very best in service, quality and overall project management.

We understand that you are responsible for a lot of project elements, often simultaneously, and this requires a great deal of planning and multi-tasking. Therefore, we suggest doing this collectively. We have a team of in-house design consultants who will be there to help you with any and all inquiries related to color schemes, rug maintenance, and so much more. All it takes is to contact us and send us your project details with as much information as possible. 

Your ideas, your requirements, our execution! Together, we can make it happen.

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