The Gallery Exclusive’s soft furnishings department has set the benchmark in the world of supplying and fitting all types of furnishing accessories including, but not limited to, curtains and drapes (dim out, black out and shear), wall coverings in 15 and 20 oz. in vinyl backing, sofa upholstery, throw cushions, French Bed, Bath & F&B Linen, and roller blinds. Working directly with clients, architects and designers, The Company brings to bear the foundation of excellence and quality, which is now being reflected in the projects under the stewardship of our in-house project management team. The Gallery Exclusive is a new generation of total integrated solutions providers offering visionary designs and colours to meet the most demanding interior finish requirements. Together with innovativeness, our products are manufactured to high performance specifications.


1. Curtains

The primary focus of the Company’s soft furnishings department has been the quality of their curtains. With the exception of seams, the tailoring is carefully hand-sewn (subject to quantity) or supported by a highly efficient machine sewn capacity in their workshops in Vietnam. The focus on window designs are of prime importance when ascertaining project requirements.

2. Indoor and Outdoor fabric

The Gallery Exclusive works with registered and authorized distributors and agents in Singapore to supply a variety of Sunbrella Fabric throughout Asia. Sunbrella epitomizes living with great design and superb performance that reflect stunning finishes. Special features include UV & Fade Resistant, Mold and Mildew resistant, and bleach cleanable.

3. Sofa Fabric and Upholstery

The Gallery Exclusive launched its interior sofa fabric and upholstery collection in 2015 with a prestigious project at Somerset Hanoi. Inspiration was obtained from the most beautiful classics and contemporary exclusiveness to reveal meticulous workmanship and subtlety of colours. Throughout the years, the Company has been constantly reinventing its collection and service to provide a variety of styles and finishes.

4. Wall coverings

The Gallery Exclusive works hand in hand with distributors and factories in Thailand, India, Europe, China, and Italy to represent a host of medium to high end brands of wall coverings. Incorporating 15 and 20oz. vinyl baking into their repertoire of products, this line has been synonymous with industry standards in the hospitality and commercial segments respectively. One of the Company’s prestigious projects was the Landmark Peninsula Building in Ho Chi Minh City where The Company supplied and installed almost 10,000 sqm of wall coverings fully imported from Hong Kong.

5. Roller Blinds

Create a pleasing environment during the day and night, Rollite interior roller blinds protect against the glare from street lamps at night and, during the day they perfectly provide shade against piercing sunlight. The leading side bars prevent the penetration of sub light through the sides of the roller blind. Even if selecting full shading fabric, decorated or single-colour, or fabric that lets a lot of light through, you will always have an elegant and fully functional interior accessory. At The Gallery Exclusive, the selection of roller blinds supplied are designed to provide a cooler environment, come with energy saving features, represent a selection of designs, reduce heat and UV Rays, are easy to maintain and are custom built with flexible installation.

6. Decorative Lighting

Our Authentic Turkish Mosaic lamps create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue. Use one lamp artfully displayed or collect a multitude for breathtaking impact. The lamps come in a variety of colour and shape and can be lit electrically or by candles. They can also be used as a hanging vase for fresh or dried flowers.

The Gallery Exclusive’s selection include: - Turkish Lamps, Turkish hanging candle lamps, Mosaic Candle Lamps, Mosaic Covered Lamps, Antique Girandole Lamps, Moon and Crescent Lamps, Angel Lamps, Antique Plastered Lamps, Angel Oil Lamps Desktop Lamps, Lamp Hook Hangers, Chandeliers Rustic Chandeliers, Large Chandeliers, Hanging Lamp.

7. Garnier Thiebaut (French) Linen Collection

Garnier-Thiebaut (GT), founded in 1830 in the heart of the Vosges region, has pioneered many of the textile industry’s design and technology inventions for production of fine linens. Today the company’s modern plants in Gérardmer are Europe’s most advanced manufacturing centers for the design, color and production of fashion fabrics - notably, table linens, bed linens, and other textile accessories - for the hospitality industry and the home. Renowned for its luxurious damask designs, the company sets the tables in the finest hotel and restaurant dining places around the world.

The company also introduced new styles in table dressing, with its now-popular table runners, for example, and wide variety of patterns for contemporary and classic settings. GT is the only fine linens company that produces two complete collections each year. Garnier-Thiebaut’s entrepreneurial success is profiled on the international Web site created for the companies awarded France’s "living heritage" label.

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