A hand tufted rug is typically a much higher-quality rug than one made by a machine and is another form of a hand made or hand crafted rug. To produce a hand tufted rug, the weaver stencils the desired rug design on a stretched canvas backing onto a sturdy steel or wooden frame. The process begins by selecting a canvas sheet or a comparable material and the weaver then pulls strands of the selected yarns through the canvas sheet using a tufting gun. 

Various materials such as New Zealand wool, viscose, nylon, acrylic, cotton and bamboo silk are often preferred in the final rendition. Here are some of the material swatches in New Zealand wool that we have commissioned for some of our projects-

Having selected the right material or combination of materials, the weaver then employs the canvas backing which has the desired design of the rug drawn or stencilled on the back and this allows the weaver to fill in the design by inserting the yarn from the back of the stretched canvas.

This ingenious method of hand tufting or hand crafting has resulted in the delivery of some very interesting projects in the commercial and hospitality sector. To give you a better understanding of the almost infinite possibilities of designing and working with hand tufted rugs, feast your eyes on the design repertoire here, amidst the kaleidoscope of colours, motifs, character and personality.


Kindly refer to our projects section where we have highlighted the full scope of possibilities from inception to completion. For more information on employing hand tufted rugs for your project, simply contact us.

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