SULTANABAD (447x364 cm)

$6,750.00 $7,500.00

Quantity available: 1

  • SKU: TGE/LH-6405
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Production: Hand Knotted
  • Type: Sultanabad
  • MaterialHand-spun wool pile on cotton base
  • Size: 447x364 cm


Free Insured Door Delivery Worldwide: Approximately 30 days subject to customs clearance in the port of disembarkation.

Taxes and Duties: Applicable for international buyers (excluding buyers in Vietnam).

Christies recently published a blog about the meaning of rug designs. Acccording to them, a pattern has three fundamental elements, i.e. the unit, repetition and a system of organization which can be interpreted in a curvilinear or rectilinear manner.

Carpet designs can either fill the entire field with one repeating motif known as an "all-over" design, or be centered by a dominant medallion around which, the rest of the design is ordered.

This particular Sultanabad rug has a repetitive all over floral design which has been beautifully captured in a stunning and attractive ensemble. The end result is a spectacular artistically detailed grand rug. Value for money.

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SAVANA (300x200 cm)

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GENESIS (300x240 cm)

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