BELOUCH (196x136 cm)

$810.00 $900.00

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  • SKU: TGE/LH-8362
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Production: Hand Knotted
  • Type: Tribal Rug
  • MaterialHand-spun wool pile on cotton base
  • Size: 196x136 cm


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An eye-catching Afghan tribal rug by the Belouch tribe with an unforgettable and intricate design. This magnificent and collectible rug lives up to its prestige where the classically primitive design is full of whimsical geometric patterns and happy saturated colours.

Set against a ruby rust background, the bright pops of rusty reds, corals, light hues and burnt sienna create a magnificent artistic juxtaposition.

Another interesting fact is that each of the rug's borders contrasts and compliments its neighboring ones through a web of complex designs and refined imagery.

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