Abstract with carving (240x150 cm)

$630.50 $1,261.00

Quantity available: 1

  • SKU: TGE373
  • Origin: Jaipur, India
  • Production: Hand Tufted
  • Type: Abstract with carving
  • Material: Wool and Viscose
  • Size: 240x150 cm


Delivery in Vietnam: 5-7 days

International deliveries: Approximately 30 days subject to customs clearance in the port of disembarkation.

Taxes and Duties: Applicable for international buyers (excluding buyers in Vietnam).

This "Abstract with carving" carpet brings a cozy atmosphere to the living room or bedroom. Made with thick, soft New Zealand wool, stepping on this high-quality carpet provides a comfortable and soothing sensation.

With dimensions of 240x150 cm, this wool carpet is the perfect accent to enhance the room's interior.

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