The term “broadloom” refers to a loom that is wider than the average loom size and is used to make a large carpet. When used for area carpeting, these carpets have the advantage of being installed without creating seams. Because they are woven on large looms, they can be made to a larger size, being able to be used as standalone rugs and carpets.

Broadloom carpets come with many design options, including patterns, colors, and even mosaics. The aesthetic possibilities are endless, meaning there is a broadloom carpet to match every space and style. Some high-quality broadloom also come with a moisture backing that offers stain resistance. Certain broadloom with the right underlay material can be used to create a softer and plusher feel and is the traditional and still most popular choice of carpeting.

Nothing brings a room to life like Wall-to-Wall Broadloom Carpeting. It gives old rooms new personality and makes new rooms seem more like home. It makes small rooms seem larger, while it makes large rooms feel cozy. It provides dark rooms with some light, and of course, provide a fascinating way to warm up wood, tile and other hard surface floors.

Choose the option that adds value and style to your commercial office space. Carpet is considered the preferred flooring for reception areas, hallways, offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms. Broadloom carpeting adds to the look and feel of professional buildings and adds to the culture of the company. With a tremendous choice of colors, textures, and designs, there is an option to suit every taste and business.

The Gallery-Exclusive has an extensive range of stocked and ready to ship (quick ship) broadloom carpeting from The USA, Canada, China, Europe and Belgium. For an in-depth selection, view our e-catalogues here:

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